Drug & Alcohol Testing

Employment Drug Testing

Testing Services can provide both pre-employment drug screening services as well as help you establish random drug testing programs for your business anywhere in Middle Tennessee or Arkansas.

Our service is fast, reliable and accurate and All of our drug screens are performed by certified collectors.

DOT Drug testing

All persons subject to the Commercial Driver License (CDL) requirements, must adhere to a drug and alcohol testing program, including both pre-employment and random testing. Testing Services can assist you in establishing a program to keep you in compliance with 49 CFR Part 382 of the Department of Transportation testing guidelines, including who should be tested, how often and substances to be tested for. Call for more details.

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing can be a part of a drug and alcohol testing program to prevent accidents or as a verification method following an accident. We offer both Breath Alcohol Testing and Saliva Alcohol Testing.


Our Pre-employment drug testing program can assist your business in hiring drug-free employees.

Return To Duty

Return to Duty drug and alcohol testing can be a part of a DOT prescribed drug and alcohol policy or as a verification that an employee is free of drugs and alcohol and ready to return to work safely.

Random Programs

Our Random Drug Screening program can help your business create and maintain a safe working environment.

Post Accident Testing Services

Testing services can provide your company with 24 hour drug and alcohol testing for any accidents that may occur during your course of business, regardless of what time your business is open.


Rapid Drug Testing

With instant drug screening you can get immediate results for your hiring selections.


Hair Follicle Tests

Our Hair Follicle testing can take a look back to see if a candidate has been using drugs for a longer period of time. This test can look back for 90 days or more, depending on the substance, for potential abuse of an illicit drug. All that is required is a hair sample from the back of the head.

Order a Drug Test

We make it easy to order a drug test. Our prices are listed below.