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Our DNA Paternity Testing results are conducted by a AABB accredited lab to insure accuracy and confidentiality. Whether you need results for a court of law or just personal information, our DNA testing services are accurate and reliable.

Our service is fast, reliable and accurate and All of our drug screens are performed by certified collectors.

Paternity DNA Testing

A paternity DNA Test is used to determine if a man is the biological father of a child. A paternity test can be used for legal purposes, such as court ordered child support or custody matters, or informational purposes only. The standard samples for this test are saliva swab or blood card. All DNA testing is conducted by our AABB accredited laboratory.


A siblingship DNA test determines if two individuals are related. The siblingship test is used when the biological parents are not available for testing. The results will provide a probability percentage of relatedness and indicate if the test participants are more or less likely to be related.



A grandparentage test is used to determine the statistical probability that an individual is the biological grandparent of another tested individual.  The standard specimen sample types include saliva swabs or blood cards.

Prenatal Paternity

Testing Services offers a non-invasive, prenatal diagnostic test for determining the paternity of a child as early as 5 weeks gestation. Testing involves a blood sample from the mother and a saliva swab from the alleged father.

Prenatal Gender Test

Discover your baby’s gender with clinically-proven 99.9% accuracy. With a simple blood sample, you can determine the gender of your baby as early as seven weeks into your pregnancy.

Immigration DNA Services

A legal DNA test is required for foreign individuals to gain citizenship.

Order a DNA Test

We make it easy to order a DNA test. Our prices are listed below.

  • Determines the probability of paternity between a child and an alleged father. $315.00
  • Determines the paternity probability between a child and an alleged father and can be used in a court of law. $385.00
  • A Siblingship test Is used to determine the statistical probability that two individuals are related as siblings. $425.00
  • When an alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to participate in DNA testing, a grandparentage test can be used to determine the paternity of a child and an alleged father. $425.00
  • Used to determine proof of relationship when birth records are insufficient or missing. From $515.00
  • Determines the paternity probability between a child and an alleged father by analyzing fetal DNA information to DNA from the potential father’s cheek cell sample. $1150.00
  • NOTE: Prenatal appointments can only be scheduled Monday – Thursday

Follow these tips and increase your NIPP (Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity) case success rate!

  • Fasting
    • We encourage mothers to fast prior to their collection appointment starting as early as 10pm the evening prior
  • Hydration
    • It is recommended for mothers to drink 1 quart of water 1-2 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Morning Collections
    • Schedule blood draws during morning appointments. 9am collections are highly recommended.